Arrey Etang – My Heart (Produced by Mr. Music) – [Celine Dion Cover]

Na  me this now so di do ma thing them me one the way way ah check say ei get to joh di be…. Foh ma levuh boh…. So all ma people dem weh dem di vibe wee me, tori dey. “Writing music from within you is far more fulfilling than just loving a pattern or melody type. Thus this cover was done in a flare of sonic grace and the appreciation for soul food.” The chacking foh the matter nah say ah create ma own platform, releasam me one ma people help foh bloggam. So from here so brethren we go di pumpam.

The track tells a love tale of reassurance of faithfulness over time and is a mixture of pidgin, Kenyang, French, and English in their kana kana kana proportions dem. Its currently available on the Eleven30Ent SoundCloud Eleven30Ent and the MolyTownMusic  youtube channels. MolyTownMusic


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