Pascal Gives Thriller Picture with the FrenchKind Campaign

Ndimofor PASCAL

Laul, I don’t know how I got here but bro, I did.

Whoow! Pascal noh? Pascal dey foh another level. I can tell from the smile he is wearing in this picture its happy time! Pascal comes in a white and red FrenchKind Tee, chubby jaws wearing one of the most gorgeous smiles a male model will be wearing 15years from now in the Cameroonian face-model industry. Whoow! Die man moh sleep foh di floor! 

Aseh Pascal dey foh dey Lek man weh ei di yhear badt?

Yung KING! Personally I could go all day but you will have to watch PASCAL – Makero feat. Jovi and Remiss here.

So about the dress…

Courtesy of Twitter:@ndimoforpascal


CAMEROON is at the top in the pic on the hat, and at the top of the column along the left throax. Well guess what? No matter where you’re from FrenchKind still iden’ifies that Cameroun / Cameroon is the Promise Land (*chattering*- Land of promise… Land of glory….) Ever since ancient Egyptian exchange, gold had already been iden’ified as the most valuable weights. Which still paints a picture of how cheerful Cameroon is regardless.

The FrenchKind campaign this December won our hearts with this picture painting Believe In Yourself. 

We wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to Pascal, FrenchKind and all of NewBell! 


The FrenchKind Shop is now open in Douala.


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