Mic Monsta – AMANI (Produced by Edi Ledrae)


Mic Monsta at DHF2016

In an era where globally rappers are switching to RnB tuned vibes, very few have remained true to the originality of a Hip Hop groove. Mic Monsta is regarded as a lyrical prophet no only by the wordplay he always displays but also through this constant reaffirmation to his FAM base that they have nothing to worry about his musical purpose. 

Mic Monsta drops this new song to his fans this New Year titled “AMANI” (which means PEACE in Swahili and WISHES in Arabic) to thank God for his peaceful music journey so far and his wishes in the future.
Produced by DraeBoii.

Mic Monsta’s lyrics have always been a maze or puzzle with two sided phrases and hidden mental treasures. On Amani, Mic didn’t disappoint! He came in with a vibe from the 808Nation Boss, Edi LeDrae. Kreef Entertainment’s premuim act is and will always be a master chess seed to watch closely.




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